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 The Denty Connection, LLC.

          Educational Consultants

            95 Church St. Suite 10

            Pembroke, MA 02359 

          Phone: (781) 837-5294

             Fax: (781) 837-4196



    Email: dentyconnection@verizon.net

                                                     Web:  http://www.dentyconnection.org



     The Denty Connection is comprised of a group of highly experienced professional educators who offer a hands-on approach to graduate level instruction. The instructors pride themselves not only on their content mastery, but also on their ability to engage adult learners by utilizing and modeling effective instructional techniques. Each instructor's goal is to teach both content and pedagogy that are immediately transferable to the participants' classrooms. Additionally, many courses, and their syllabi have been carefully aligned to the appropriate Massachusetts Curriculum Framework and to both state and national professional standards. Graduate credits are awarded through Worcester State University.

 Grade Information

The college will send out the directions to download your grade and your password by mail.  If you’ve taken courses in the past, they would have already sent out your password and won’t send it again. The number for help with this is 508-929-8856.

 To Download Your Grade…

If you lose your password…

Go to http://www.worcester.edu
Click on Community (bottom of page)
Click on the link
Check/Reset your WSU log in info


You could also order an official transcript…

Go to www.worcester.edu and click on “quick links” on the left.

Click on “transcript request” – official transcripts are $5.


If you don’t have a username and password…


 To Reset Your Password...


Go to www.worcester.edu and click on community at the bottom of the page. On the right there is a login...just below the login in it says...

NEW or EXISTING users - Check / Reset your WSU Login click on that. Click on Reset Expired or Forgotten Password. You can login in with your username and the ID #. If you don’t have your username, click on Forgot Challenge Question or Your UserID?


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