Gordon College Grades - Gordon College will send you your grade by mail at the end of the semester.

Worcester State University Grades -

The college will send you your password by mail.  If you’ve taken courses in the past, they would have already sent out your password and won’t send it again. The number for help with this is 508-929-8856.

To Download Your Worcester State University Grade…

  • Go to www.worcester.edu

  • Click on “my WSU” at the top of the page

  • Login by putting your user name and password (See below if you don’t have this)

  • Click on “WB” at the top of the page

  • Click on “web advisor login” and put your username and password in again

  • Click on “students”

  • Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and under academic profile click on “grades”

  • The number for help with this is 508-929-8856

If you forget your username and password…

  • Go to www.worcester.edu

  • Click on “my WSU” at the top of the page

  • click on “reset your WSU login or password”

  • Click on “reset expired or forgotten password”

  • Type in your username and ID # or click on “forgot challenge question or user ID”

  • Put in info and click “login with user information”

  • If you don’t have your 7 digit user ID # email the Denty Connection

  • Reset your password and then follow the directions above

You could also order an official transcript…

Go to www.worcester.edu  click on “admissions”  on the left of this page under “related links” click on “registrar” click on “transcript request” below “other documents” click on “transcript request form” Official transcripts are $5.

If you don’t have a username and password…

  • go to http://community.worcester.edu

  • click on check/reset your WSU login info

  • click “I can’t access my account”

  • click “Forgot answer or set your challenge question”

  • type in your 7 digit ID # (I have this if you need it…email above), last 4 digits of your SS #, and DOB