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All courses are 3 graduate credit hours, which equates to 67.5 PDPs

Fall Semester 2021:

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  IGC 600:               Google Sites - Creating a Classroom Website Using Google

  IGC 619:               Tech Up My Class with Google

  IGC 625A:            Using SEI, ESL & Special Education: Part 1

  IGC 636:               Raising Student Voices – Designing Podcasts

  IGC 637:               Discovery with Digital Breakouts

  IGC 640:               Alleviating & Understanding Anxiety in the Classroom

  IGC 641:               Inquiring About Inquiry Design

  IGC 644:               Engaging Students Through Social Emotional Learning

  IGC 646:               How Does Childhood Trauma Impact Brain Development & Learning

  IGC 647:               Strategies for Teaching Poetry

  IGC 649:               Building Character Traits Through Social Emotional Learning

  IGC 651:               Give Students a Voice Through CHOICE!

  IGC 653:               Routines for Positive Mathematical Mindsets

  IGC 655:               Developing Mathematical Mindsets

  IGC 657:               Engage Your Students in the Digital Age

  IGC 661:               Let’s Connect! Home-School Engagement and a Positive Classroom Environment

  IGC 663:               Promoting Comprehensive School Health

  IGC 665:               Engage Your Students with ADHD & Attention Challenges

  IGC 667:               The “Art” of Visual Thinking: Visual Strategies for all Learners

  IGC 668:               Creating a Cultural Safe Haven in the Classroom

  IGC 669:               Motivate & Engage with Videos

  IGC 671:               Intensive and Advanced Phonological Awareness Strategies

  IGC 675:               Enriching Your Distance Learning Portfolio

  IGC 676:               Assess This! – Instant Digital Formative Assessments

  IGC 679:               Strategies for Teaching Society’s Social Issues

  IGC 680:               Developing & Enhancing a Robust & Integrated STEM Curriculum

  IGC 681:               Structure Your Writing Instruction

  IGC 683:               No More Timed Tests

  IGC 684:               Small Adjustments Make a Big Impact: Supporting the Needs of All Learners

  IGC 685:               Using SEI, ESL & Special Education: Part 2

  IGC 686:               Educators in Plein Air

  IGC 687:               The Art of Presentations

  IGC TBD:              Differentiation Made Easier: Making the Classroom Accessible To All Learners

  IGC TBD:              Bouncing Back from a Setback: Teaching Perseverance and Resilience

  IGC TBD:              Prep for Your Students on the Spectrum – A Toolkit of Autism Strategies, Lessons, and Supports

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